Table of Content

Ruby Sherin

Discerning the Unseen: Trauma and Morality in Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See

 Rafsina Sherin & Bahsha Kalayath

Suicide and Self-Harm in the Young Adult Fiction: Deconstructing Jay Asher’s 13 Reasons Why

Rishana.T & Najeeba. P. C

Popular Culture: New Vampire as a Literary Trope

 Aiswarya. K. R

A Study on Electronic/ Digital Payment System among Rural Customers in Mampad Grama Panchayath


A Study on the Influence of Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques in Online Marketing among Graduate Students with Special Reference to DGM MES Mampad College

Fathima Shameema. E

Investment Behaviour of Kerala Muslims in Stock Market Securities

 Althwaf Hussain

Children and Vampire Narration in Sarwat Chadda’s Muslim Vampire Fiction

Hanna. K. P

Effectiveness of PDS for Economic Sustainability: An Analysis with Reference to PDS in Areekode Region

 Rishana Edapetta

Gamification: An Innovative Marketing Tool with Special Reference to Flipkart

 Anshida. M & Rahul Jane

Religion and Popular Culture: Contrasting yet Conforming to Social Realities of Mankind

Saniya Saeed

Study on the Impact of E-Commerce in India

Nisha. P, Vidhu. I & Reenu Rachel Thomas

Dissimilarities between Twilight and Underworld: Worshipping Devil in the Popular Culture

Gargi. K. B

Green Marketing: Consumer Awareness and Perception towards Eco-Friendly Products in Chaliyar Panchayat

 Sumayya Hamsa

Third Culture Kids: A Paradox of Experiences

Neala. M

Sustainable Finance in Rural Areas: A Study with Reference to a Commercial Bank in Areekode Region

Jifanath. C

Environmental Challenges in India: Exploring Pollution Control Strategies for Sustainable Development

Rinshidha Raihan. P

A Study on Impulsive Buying Behaviour with Special Reference to Customers of Selected Supermarkets in Thrissur District

Aaron Mathew Roy


Anjana. S. Kumar

I Fought Back!

Elakiya. V

 To Fight for Right

Liyana Abdul Vahab

Cremation for Whom? (A Dramatic Monologue)

Agna Biju