Table of Content

Anna Reji

Swing Time as a Locale of Oscillating Identities

Achsa Mariam Varughese

Between Memory and Amnesia: Fantastical Recoveries in Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant

 Aliza Meria Mathew

Addressing Social Justice Issues: Themes of Precarity and Vulnerability in Court

N. Chaarulatha

Hidden No More: The Resonance of Social Justice in Hidden Figures

Preethi. T. V
Life Satisfaction between Believers and Nonbelievers: A Comparative Study
 Shahana. C. K

A Psychoanalytical Interpretation of Girish Karnad’s Hayavadhana

Fida Fathima
Unraveling Power Dynamics: Analyzing the Role of Authority in Schindler’s List
 Mufeeda Yasmi. P & Adithya. T

A Study on Performance Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry: A Comparison of Pre & Post Covid Period

 Rahmah Ali Shajahan

Voice of the Voiceless: Addressing Racism and Harassment in Literature through The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead

Hanna Sadaque. K

Fantasy to Social Reality: An Exploration of Twilight Saga

Abhinav Babu

The Transitioning Society: An Analysis of Men in Call Me by Your Name and Red White and Royal Blue

Naseela. M. V, Henna Rahman.V, Rincy. K. P, Fathima Rina. V. P, 
Liya Thasnim. K. C, & Rins Gulam Ahammed. C

Role of AI in Customer Experiences, Business Efficiency, and Marketing Strategies: Unveiling the Advantages and Benefits

Mubassira Banu. K. P
Movies as Mirror to Society: Addressing Social Justice Issues in Contemporary Films
Rahba. N & Nayana Rajan

Exploration of Social Justice in the Select Movies: Maamannan and RDX

P. Riya

Memories from the Margins: A Study on Dalit Autobiographies

Mufasila. P & Minfa. C. P

Infrastructure in Rural Development: A Special Reference to Mannarkkad Municipality

Maxlin. M. Maxy
To Unveil, the Compliant ‘Complicit’ Man: An Attempt to Examine the Dimensions of Complicit Masculinities in Select Malayalam Films
Negotiation of Alternate Sexuality and the Politics of Choice in The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith
Amar Irshad & Binz. T. N

E-commerce Trends and Consumer Behaviour

Muhammad Ajmal. K
Exploring Vulnerabilities: A Study of the Narikuravar Community in Tamil Nadu
Literary Section